Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Stunning Portrait of Political Hate

Today’s Washington Post contained a “religion column” by one Timothy Shriver, a pathetic Rod Dreher wannabe who clearly got his job through an affirmative action program intended to assist the descendants of rich Nazi sympathizers.

In his article, he postulates that there’s a “Perfect Job for Sarah Palin” - advocate for the disabled!

What a great idea! Thanks, Timmy. When the Republican Party wants advice on its future leadership from a rich unemployable Democrat, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, don’t call us, we’ll call you.

While his article is of no import in and of itself--being nothing more than drivel from some Kennedy grandbaby--what is of interest are the readers' comments: many of which are proof positive that bad crazy evil is on the march in this country.

Examples (and remember, this is not the Daily Kos, the PuffingtonHost, or Common Dreams, this is The Washington Frakking Post!):

[H]er mean-spirited smirking ignorance and general bigotry [is] the very picture of everything that's wrong and corrupt about the Religious Right. I do think that for her it's just another facet of the 'abortion' issue and 'abstinence only' that doesn't even work in her own family. - “Paganplace”

New York City sewer inspector and cleaner. - “blakesouthwood”

Advocacy statements from Palin would be as meaningless as pro-dog appeals from Michael Vick. “Revbookburn”

Of course, many Christians believe that men "taking" women, including their wives, is what the good Lord intended. Religion is mostly about sex, hard, violent sex. “jjedif”

Uh, maybe it's not the right job for her. Didn't she hop on a 10+ hour flight to Alaska (from Texas) after she started leaking amniotic fluid -- seriously jeopardizing the health of her unborn child who had been diagnosed with Down's Syndrome? Doesn't that make her the wrong person for this job? Wouldn't the "right" person have checked into a hospital to ensure the safe delivery of her baby? “wkristol”

Who better than an intellectually challenged individual to take on the cause of the intellectually challenged? “jgwlaw”
And my personal favorites....
With the availability of pre-natal testing we have the option of never having another DS baby get born. “chrisfox8”

The fact of the matter is that most birth defective children can be prevented or eliminated before birth. Their presence causes extreme hardship on families and society as a whole. Conceiving a defective child is a tragedy, choosing to have one born is an even greater one. "MHOUST"
Dear Chrisfox8: Killing useless eaters - bad. Raising them to adulthood - good.

To "MHOUST": Conceiving a defective child is a tragedy, choosing NOT to have one born is a crime against humanity for which, in a sane society, those responsible for such a crime would be punshed just as a would-be slave owner is punished today. And for the same reason.

Eugenics and the execution (by abortion) of "useless eaters" is purely a Nazi concept. Review your history; we punished German doctors after WWII for doing what you advocate. Civilized people do not murder their babies just because they have an extra chromosome. Our tragedy is that we have ceased to be civilized.

Yanno, the thought of being ruled for eight years by people who think this way does not exactly fill my heart with warm fuzzies.

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