Thursday, July 30, 2009

"...badmouth the United States of America! Gentlemen!"

It's reported that in closing arguments at the trial of Loosiana Congresscritter William "Freezer Jeff" Jefferson--he of the tens of thousands of dollars in his fridge--the defense attorney, Robert Trout, cast the entire affair as if it were an indictment of the democratic political process itself.

I suspect that defense counsel may have been a classmate, if not fraternity brother, of one Eric Stratton, Faber College, Tennessee, class of '63.

(Yes, I know this is the second time I've cited the movie in a couple of days, but it is very strange how prophetic Animal House can be sometimes.)

(It's also strangely depressing that the Deltas, having gone to college ca. 1962-63, would all now be in their late 60s and ((cue Dean Wormer voice here)) "are all... all... are now eligible for Social Security.")

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