Monday, July 20, 2009

Evolution sucks......

Charles Johnwin , Squire of Gothos, is crowing about macro-evolution in his latest web barf.

He quotes a scientific article he barely understands.

Its money grafs read as follows:

“Our work shows how partial penetrance can play a role in evolution by allowing a species to gradually evolve from producing 100 percent of one form to developing 100 percent of another, qualitatively different, form,” says Michael Elowitz, the Caltech assistant professor of biology and applied physics, Bren Scholar, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator who led the team. “The intermediate states that occur along the way are not intermediate forms, but rather changes in the fraction of individuals that develop one way or the other …

”These mutant cells don’t only show a different morphology,“ Eldar notes. ”They show more variability in their behavior. In a population, you can see a mixture of several different behaviors, with some cells doing one thing and others doing something else.”

Uh huh. And when one of those cells ceases to be sufficiently cell like to the head cell in the clump, he has the rogue banned. The rogue cell then goes off and evolves into a higher form while the head cell and his safe, obedient colony gets eaten by a baleen whale.

Evolution sucks, for those who don’t evolve. Or, to quote the Duke:

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