Monday, September 14, 2009

Squire of Gothos Drops Another Meadow Muffin

It's been a month or so since I launched a torpedo at the Squire of Gothos, the Captain of the Raging Queen, Charles Johnson of LittleGoonFootballs.

I thought that his ongoing self destruction, documented by the growing number of blog sites casting him into outer darkness (the latest being POWERLINE), combined with his obsession for the irrelevancies at LGF2, needed no further help from me.

But today he decided to do his very best to deprive a professional journalist of his livelihood.

Robert Stacy McCain, a well known conservative commentator with a much larger following than Charles (hell, the way things are going, I soon might have a larger following than Charles!) apparently, according to Charles, ceased employment at The Washington Times. Whatever may have happened at the Times, Charles makes allegations about his departure that, shall we say, might not bear close examination in a court of law. He had damn well better have his facts straight.

Charles has turned this into an effort to crap on McCain's name, label him a "racist" by association, and by so doing prevent McCain's ever being employed again in the news industry, which, as we know, does not tolerate deviation from the Obamist party line.

Well, while Mr. Johnson is not quite yet the character assassin that Cicero was, he is certainly working on it. Unfortunately he doesn't have half the brains of Cicero. Actually, judging from his work, he doesn't have half the brains of Larry, Moe or Curly. (Every time he says something he gets hoist on his own retard.)

All I can say is this: Trelayne, one of these days you're going to denigrate someone who can afford more lawyers than you can.

Watch your mouth!


Mr. McCain quite ably kicks Trelayne's ass here.

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