Wednesday, May 06, 2009

To Randall Terry: Beware of Moby Dicks

May 6, 2009

I hear say that Randall Terry, former prolife protest organizer and recent Catholic convert, is organizing the protests at Notre Dame against Mr. Obama when Mr. Obama appears there to get what is essentially a mail-order honorary sheepskin.

This abominable choice has greatly angered believers and life supporters nationwide; Mr. Obama's co-honoree, Mary Ann Glendon, has declined even appearing on the same stage as him.

I agree with those calling for the appearance to be cancelled and I agree that Obama's appearance must be protested in the name of Jesus Christ and simple justice.

But I also think that Mr. Terry is absolutely the wrong guy to be organizing this. I think he's a very foolish and dangerous choice, and those in charge of the thing need to rethink it NOW before it is too late.

To explain why, I have sent the following letter today to "Stop Obama Notre Dame."

- - - - - - - - -

Mr. Randall Terry
Stop Obama Notre Dame
PO Box 902
South Bend, IN 46624


I write to you today as a full throated supporter of the protests against Notre Dame for their abominable choice in honoring Mr. Obama. I do not believe that Mr. Obama should be honored by any Catholic organization for any reason whatsoever. And I say this as a lifelong and unapologetic supporter of the life movement. [If you doubt me, read this blog.]

Unfortunately, I also do not believe you are the man to be leading this protest movement and I call upon your immediate resignation from any leadership
position associated with it.

Sir, you are a rabble-rouser. Your intention is to gain as much media attention as possible ... mostly for yourself. You are a very dangerous man to be leading this protest, for reasons I shall explain shortly.

Are you familiar with the concept of the "Moby", sir? Two years ago, an obscure rap artist by that name advocated leftists to invade every web site possible and deposit as extreme right wing rantings, gibbering racist claims, and insults, so as to discredit us. For that reasons, this variety of distruptive on line "troll" (troublemaker) is known as a "Moby."

"Mobys" (or "Moby Dicks") don't just appear on web sites; they also appear at protests. "Black bloc" anarchists who are willing to be arrested smashing windows at World Bank conference meetings are just as eager to be arrested in (say) Nazi uniforms at prolife rallies. I am afraid that by your eagerness for public attention that you will fail to properly vett people claiming to be activists on your (our) side, thus exposing us to being publicly humiliated by our enemies.

Your contribution to the prolife movement in past years is appreciated. But as a newly converted Catholic with a history of self aggrandizement and self promotion, you are not the man to organize or lead this protest.

This affair is not about you, sir. Leave the organization to someone better suited for the task.

For if you fail at this and embarrass us, this will not be forgotten.



Richard L. Kent, Esq.
Attorney and Counselor at Law.

I'm not betting the rent, however, that he will pay it any heed. If the protests are a disaster, then let this be remembered.

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