Saturday, May 16, 2009

Racism Defined

There once was a time when having a single identifiable African-descended ancestor made you "black," and thus subjected to (inter alia) sitting in the back of the bus. This was called the "One Drop" theory.

Now we have a man who, born in Africa, having attained American citizenship, calls himself "African American"--and found himself suspended from dental school. Why? He was born in Mozambique, but is descended from Portuguese colonizers.

So. African. American. Therefore African-American. Right?



Suspended from his school, defamed for his arrogance
, he is now left suing his school for penalizing him for arrogating unto himself status that is only his by logic and reason, and not by Decree of the Leftist Nazis Who Must Decree And Enforce That Which Is So.

Well, I write as an African American. I'm descended from A. Afarensis, a species of creature well identified in Africa.

I'm also a Native American, an Alaskan. I was born here.

I'm also Hispanic. My late father, William, and my Grandmother Kent, and I all have speckled hazel eyes and epicanthic folds common among the Irish of the southern coast of the island; that trait is carried by the Black Irish, whose forefathers sailed in the Spanish Armada, which tried (rather unsuccessfully, IIRC) to invade England in 1588.

What? You telling me I'm *white*? You racist! I'm actually a pale tan color. How dare you infer that I suffer from albinism! That's slander!

What utter nonsense.

In the end, Lou Gossett, Jr. put it best: "Yo' blood's the same color as mine, ain't it, Mayonnaise?"

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