Tuesday, June 23, 2009

56 Stars

There's been a news story for the last week about a stupid Belgian girl who claimed that she "fell asleep" at a tatooist's shop after "asking for only 3 stars on her face" and she "woke up with 56."

Now she admits that she was lying the whole time.... because her father was "furious." (As a dad, I can't blame him. And she's a teen; teens lie, AND they do stupid shit. Not as much as Congressmen, but still....)

Best comment on Lucianne.com: "Hey, she forgot a state!"

(I'd include a picture, but I decided against it. War porn it's not, and in fact, she's rather pretty.... and as of right now, while they're fresh, the stars are actually rather becoming. But still, it's just no fair taking advantage of a teenager's inherent stupidity.)

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